[Event Promo] Chitirai Ponamalai 2018

Don’t miss Athmajothi’s Tamil School Chitirai Ponmalai this coming Saturday ! Come celebrate Tamil New Year with a night of musical, cultural and dance performances. Melo Funk Music, Steve Cliff, Sareka, Pabha Balakrishnan, Kirishan Suresh, Magisha Baheeratha and our very own Montreal talents!

***Price Giveaways for lucky winners ! Samsung TV, Tablets. ***
Date: Saturday 14-April-2018
Time: 5:30 PM
Location: 2901 Louvain Est, Montreal H1Z 1J7 (Ecole Louis-Joseph Papineau)
Info: 514-516-2130 / 514-699-4585

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