CUTAM holds Singappenney career fair in honor of Women’s day

In honor of Women’s day, CUTAM hosted a career fair at John Molson School of Business called Singappenney on March 6th, 2023 by inviting successful South Asian women from different fields in Montreal to explain their careers and journey. We invited female professionals from all fields, including but not limited to Finance, Content Creating, Engineering, and Healthcare. It was an honor to have all those experts gathered in one place by allowing our current students to interact and obtain guidance from them.

The event was set up in a booth-style presentation. Each career was represent by their own table and booth set up around the conference room. Students who entered had the opportunity to walk around and talk to their desired professionals and obtain advice and guidance.

CUTAM would like to thank all the Singappenneys for their time and for making the Career Fair a success!

-Accountant: Samanthy Santhirasigamany
-Civil Engineer: Suhethenie Kandiah
-Dentist: Abarna Thurairatnam
-Entrepreneur: Sinthusha Kandiah
-Electrical Engineer: Tharshana Sivathasan
-Financial Security Advisor: Sathursha Ginaratnan
-Graphic Designer: Siyane Saravanamuthu
-Hairdresser: Asha Kumari
-Human Resources : Priya Kandiah & Sijaliny Sivapatham
-Lawyer: Kishanthi Thurairajah
-Makeup Artist: Jeetha Sasi
-Mechanical Engineer: Arapi Kandiah
-Nurse: Mithusha Sinnathamby
-Physiology: Abira Rajah
-Realtor: Sobiga Bala
-Skill Development Officer: Mithura Sanmugalingam
-Software Test Engineer: Sivagaamy Sriranganathan


Tamil is a language, a heritage, a culture, an ethnicity – an identity. To strengthen and share our rich identity to the Concordia students and the community is our mandate.

Concordia University Tamil Mantram (CUTAM) is dedicated exclusively to support and promote Tamil Culture within the students of Concordia and the local community. The goal of CUTAM is to increase cultural awareness through various cultural activities and to elevate the credits of Tamil Students at Concordia University as well as to the grand public. Annually, we organize various cultural to educational workshops, general assembly, fund-raising events, career fairs, movie nights, sports events, religious events, blood drives as well as the annual talent show “KALAIAMUTHAM” as our commitment to promote and preserve our cultural legacy. CUTAM also organizes a Tamil networking event known as the Tamil Formals that attracts crowds of Tamil students across Canada to Montreal to live the richness of our identity through performances, musics, clothings and foods.

President-Anitha Sivaganesh
Vice-President- Sugasini Kandiah
VP of Internal Affairs-Madurra Satchithanatham
VP of External Affairs-Piraveen Sanmugalingam
VP of Events-Nirujah Rasaiah
VP of Marketing-Kavisha Lingaratnam
Social Media Coordinator-Verjany Pirakasan
VP of Finance-Dilaxsan Mailvaganam


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