Pierre Poilievre’s policies towards Sri Lanka are not much different than Harper’s administration.

Last week, the leading contender for the Federal Conservative Party of Canada, Pierre Poilievre held a roundtable with ethnic media in the voter rich City of Brampton. He touched on many issues that are at the forefront of Canadians, including the cost of living and immigration. During the question and answer session, a reporter asked Pierre Poilievre for his stands on Sri Lanka.

Pierre Poilievre wasted no time in laying out his views on Sri Lanka. There were two points from his response to the reporter’s question. First, he referenced former Foreign Minister John Baird – a critic of Sri Lankan Government from Harper’s administration- speaking out forcefully against the abuse of Tamils in Sri Lanka. Secondly, he referred to the conflict as a Tamil Genocide and that he intends to speak out against human rights violations from that island.


Pierre Poilievre’s statements towards Sri Lanka will get noticed by the stakeholders as he is the leading candidate for the leadership with over 50% of the membership submissions under his belt. Tamils signing up for party memberships under Pierre Poilievre’s banner was also acknowledged.

According to the party insiders, this race is for him to lose; with the expectation that he will win in the first round of balloting. It is also widely believed, Pierre Poilievre has a real shot at being the next Prime Minister of the country. Therefore, anything he says will get scrutinized by all sides.

Photo: Pierre Poilievre Facebook 

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