Event Coverage : Padimurai Tamil Book Release – படிமுறைத் தமிழ் – நூல் வெளியீடு attended the book release of Padimurai Tamil in Montreal on Sunday October 5th, 2014 at Ganesha Party Palace. The book which is authored by Subramaniam Rasaratnam is a first of its kind which aims to have a diaspora book for learning Tamil. The event was attended by Tamil Schools association, religious leaders, business leaders, activists and community members. The book series which is now available from lessons 1-6 can be purchased here in Montreal at Arani Jewellers. Watch Haro interview Prof. Parvathy Kandaswamy as she gives more insight on this book.

S.Rasaratnam :416 573 7332
T.Chanthuru : 416 821 5773

Book purchase:
Address: 6700 Cote Des Neiges, Suite – 121-A
Contact: Nada
Tel: 514-737-0055



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