Remembering Patriot Shanmugam (Sun Master) 1950-2021

Sports meet will never be the same without him!!! He was probably the only one I was scared of as a kid but as I grew older I got to understand his humour, he had so much love and care for us. From the day it begins to the day we celebrate our win, he made sure all games are done in all fairness! I remember him telling my mom “if you want to encourage your daughter you have to do that outside of my ground, here all of them are our kids so if you encourage her you encourage everyone!” I remember smiling at my mom getting in trouble but that day I admired his sincerity, as a kid you know when someone is righteous, I always had a hard time trusting people but Sun master I never questioned his judgment, he was as straight as an arrow!

He gave his soul on the field but never took any credit for it. He was the only one who can take any kid and lead them in a march-past, and literally make it look like a military march-past. His way of discipline made me realize you don’t need to yell or hit a kid to make them do whatever you want! We all feared him but respected him! He was a gem of a human. This soul is now going to travel towards another destination but left us with so many memories and lessons we can carry throughout our lifetime.

I wish I could have told all this to him, but I know he knows how much he means to us and always will! Thank you Sun master for everything you have done for us and it was an honour to share my passion for sports with you. Next time I go on the field, I know you will be around to see if everyone is doing what they are supposed to do. Until we meet again, know that we will miss you and it’s with a heavy heart that we are saying this goodbye! R.l.P ❤??

Cover Photo Credit:  ஐயா4U

Subitha T

Born in Tamil Eelam Bachelor`s degree in political science at Mcgill University Master`s in community economic development at Concordia University Activist in the Tamil community

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