Sri Lankan govt. aligned groups undermine the democratic rights of Tamil Bramptonians

In attempt to try prevent the building of the Tamil memorial genocide monument in the City of Brampton. The delegation of newly formed Pro-Sri Lankan group Sri Lanka Canada Association Brampton (SLCAB) today presented a request to build a Peace Monument.  The tone and writing used in the presentation is highly similar to the an opposition letter sent by the Sri Lankan High-Commissioner.

On January 20th, 2021 the Brampton City Council passed an unanimous motion which was put forth by Councillor Meideros  build a Tamil genocide memorial to commemorate the estimated, 75,000 Tamil civilians murdered during the Tamil Genocide. The  full-funding of the memorial is being done by the community.

This announcement followed the destruction of a Mullivaikkal memorial in Jaffna which has been internationally condemned. Whilst the university administration has vowed to rebuild the memorial, local residents have expressed skepticism. 

Throughout the island monuments commemorating genocide perpetrators have been erected.  A Highly concentrated militarization of the Tamil Homeland is still in effect.  In Sri Lanka the authoritarian regime opposes the Tamil Nation to remember those who perished in the genocide.  Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksa has threatened to leave international forums and will not allow an independent international war crimes investigation.

Political analysts believe the pressure is a signal of foreign interference to  democratic fabric of Canada.




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