Canada should impose UN recommended sanctions on Sri Lanka : Garnett Genuis

Conservatives note with deep concern the recent report from @UNHumanRights on the situation in #SriLanka, which demonstrates how any limited progress in terms of #humanrights is now being undermined. 

The international community, and Canada in particular, must step up to end impunity. We support the words of the High Commissioner that “Given the demonstrated inability and unwillingness of Government to advance accountability at the national level, it is time for international action to ensure justice for international crimes”

This call from the High Commissioner aligns with previous calls from Conservatives for the government to apply Magnitsky Sanctions in response to human rights violations in #SriLanka and with a motion that I proposed at the foreign affairs committee in the last Parliament.

A similar motion was adopted in the House of Commons with unanimous consent. Unfortunately, we have yet to see any government action in response to these calls.



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