Peter MacKay moved by engagement of young Tamil-Canadians

Conservative leadership candidate MacKay visits Montreal Murugan Temple

On his campaign visit in the City of Montreal  – Conservative leadership candidate Peter MacKay had the chance to visit the Montreal Thiru Murugan Temple during it’s two week annual festivities. Peter shared the following words with the community.

“I feel very much blessed to have the support of the Tamil community. I’m very much a friend of the Tamil community. In Canada we enjoy a vibrant democracy and we’re a country who stands with our friends and allies. Who stands up for our friends and allies and for countries who need our help and support. I’m so encouraged to see the number of young members of the community here who are learning about the importance of democracy, social engagement, and protection of others, and this is very much in keeping with Canadian values and certainly the values we embrace and that we cherish. While this is my first visit here, it won’t be my last.

I want to ensure you the Conservative have a history that goes back to the first origins of our country.  Our first prime minister was an immigrant to this country. We are pro-immigration party. A party that embraces people of all faith, of all origins around the world. We are a party that very much that embraces the diversity that makes up this great country of ours. I want to thank you for this warmth welcome ”

Accompanied by Quebec Conservative MP and Mayor of Brampton.   Patrick Brown shared the following message

[…] Peter was the most senior cabinet Minister within the Conservative Party. While Peter was the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Justice and Minister of National Defence.  In 2013,  Canada boycotted the Commonwealth in Sri Lanka to show their friendship and support for human rights and their support to the Tamil Community.  – Patrick Brown

Photo Credits: Peter Mackay Instagram

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