Canadian Tamil Congress stands in solidarity with African American & Black Canadian Community.

CTC supports the peaceful protests to eliminate systemic racism

June 12, 2020 – The Canadian Tamil Congress (CTC) on behalf of the Tamil community wishes to express its solidarity with that of the African-American community in the USA as well as the Black Canadian community both of which have faced systemic racism for generations. The horrific public murder of George Floyd by a Police Officer with three of his colleagues standing by and doing nothing is perhaps the most recent and blatant example of the systemic racism prevalent in the USA and directed with impunity at African Americans.
The Tamil community in North America expanded rapidly over the last 35 years as its members fled a brutal civil war in Sri Lanka that commenced after the failure of repeated non-violent means to implement an equitable society that would lift the minority Tamils from their status as second-class citizens. The war concluded in May 2009, through the wholesale slaughter of 40,000 to 70,000 Tamil civilians including women and children by the Sri Lankan armed forces, in violation of every human rights principle outlined by the United Nations. The decade which has elapsed, has shown no progress in implementing a just and equitable society in which minorities can live as equal citizens.
The Tamil community in North America is therefore, quite familiar with systemic racism. CTC supports with our hearts and souls, our brothers and sisters from the black community in both the USA and Canada, in their fight to eliminate systemic racism and progress towards a society where those entrusted with maintaining law and order treat black men and women as equal citizens in all aspects of societal interaction.
We also support the peaceful demonstrations in Canada and we are requesting that the Federal, Provincial and Municipal Governments provide clear instructions to the Police to exercise caution and restraint as they oversee these demonstrations and interact with the protesters. In this context we applaud our Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau for taking a knee recently, that is the spirit that will result in true reform and we commend his example to all other Canadian political leaders.
We also wish to point out a significant impediment to addressing systemic racism in a thoughtful progressive manner; the lack of race-base data in Canada with regard to almost every socio-economic aspect of life. The lack of data reduces any discussion on systemic racism to anecdotal information and allows those who are in denial to counteract with opposing anecdotes, resulting in little or no progress towards addressing and mitigating the fundamental issue of systemic racism.  CTC hopes that Federal, Provincial and Municipal Governments will commence addressing the issue of system racism, as soon as possible, along with implementing robust methods for the collection of race-based data. This will ensure the creation of factual and relevant information, allowing Governments to direct their efforts to the segments of society that are experiencing the most amount of inequity.

About Canadian Tamil Congress
The Canadian Tamil Congress (CTC) is a non-profit organization which serves as the voice of Tamil Canadians. Headquartered in Toronto, the CTC has members across the country and an elected board of directors. The non-partisan organization works as the community’s spokesperson on the
municipal, provincial, federal and international levels.

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