Tamil Passangal Society aims for positive Youth Development in Québec

TPS provides Tamil youth with resources and assistance.

People migrate for many different reasons, some leave their home countries seeking asylum, others leave for better education, job opportunities or to be closer to family and friends and others arrive undocumented. However, this does not mean that once a person leaves their home country they are necessarily going to live a better life. A new place comes with new challenges such as stigmatization, racism, discrimination, poorer health conditions, less socio-economic resource in comparison to non-immigrant and non-refugee youth. Immigrant youth encounter many life stressors such as settling in a new place, learning a new language, learning new social norms and many other daily hassles. Similarly, first generation youth encounter many stressors. In Montreal some of the main stressors in the lives of youth includes, language barrier, cultural differences and lack of support. That is why we have created this program for positive youth development in the Tamil community called “Tamil Passangal Society”.

At Tamil Passangal Society our mission is to provide Tamil youth with the resources and assistance required to nurture and empower them to become the future leaders in our community. The services currently provided by TPS are

– Educational assistance which includes tutoring, assistance in career planning and assistance with admissions.
– Career and professional development which includes helping with creating CV and cover letters, setting up a Linked In profile and job search.
– Mental Health assistance which includes one-on-one counselling services over the phone or in person, safe space, assistance finding the right resources.
– Physical activity which includes learning a new sport, joining a league or team and/or workout training guides.
– Finally, connecting youth to the community by helping others in need and volunteering/participating in Tamil events.

In order to inquire about the services provided or to receive services you may contact us via email or message us on facebook or instagram: Tamil Passangal Society. Or Contact Brindika at 438-887-7153 Kisanth at 438-823-2345 or Vithursan at 514-834-1210.


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