Patrick Brown slams Peel District School Board on Tamil Genocide clarification

PDSB apologizes for statement on Tamil Genocide remembrance

Brampton mayor Patrick Brown responded to clarification made by the Peel District School Board over the apology made after receiving complaints from Pro Sri Lankan state supporters.

Brown responded by saying the “Peel School District Board should not tweet to commemorate a genocide and then apologize to the oppressor based on a few complaints. Disappointing tweet” 

On May 18 the PDSB issued a tweet showing solidarity with the Tamil Community ” Today is Tamil Genocide Remembrance Day. We honour the innocent lives that were lost, those who were displaced, and those who suffer trauma to this day”

The board after receiving complaints by Pro Sri Lankan State supporters decided to make the following statement:


Sources also indicate the board has said that they have come to this decision in consultation with/advice from the Consul General of Sri Lanka. (This constitutes foreign influence over the well-being of the Canadian students who are of Tamil origin)

The Sinhala community mobilised in response to the tweets and the increasing recognition that the Tamil genocide was receiving in the country and around the world. A petition started by “United Canadian Sri Lankan’s in Ontario” for example has received over 13,000 signatures and states “we oppose and reject any proclamation of Tamil “Genocide” passed in Toronto, Brampton or anywhere in Canada”.

“Our community has mobilized and started a large scale campaign to raise awareness regarding current/future impartial divisive proclamations and bills,” it added.

Reference on Tamil Genocide:

PPT verdict finding Sri Lanka guilty of the crime of genocide and ongoing genocide:

“On the strength of the evidence presented, the Tribunal reached the consensus ruling that the state of Sri Lanka is guilty of the crime of genocide against Eelam Tamils and that the consequences of the genocide continue to the present day with ongoing acts of genocide against Eelam Tamils.”

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