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Career Spotlight: Priya

Hello and welcome to MTAN’s Career Spotlight video series. Every month, we will be showcasing a spotlight segment highlighting the various career paths taken by MTAN members. In celebration of Tamil Heritage Month, our series will debut with Priya Jeyaseelan, a Bharatanatyam teacher in Montreal. We at MTAN wanted to learn more about this profession, what inspired Priya to become a Bharatanatyam teacher, and what steps can be taken for future aspirants to enter this profession. 

It was during her time in India that Priya learned the art of dance. Once Priya immigrated to Canada, she was introduced to Bharatanatyam through the classes she took at her leisure. Over time, Priya has amassed a number of mentors through her teachers who have put her in contact with a large network of Bharatanatyam professionals. In addition to mentorship, she has received a Master degree in Dance.

When asked what it was that inspired her to become a Bharatanatyam teacher, Priya recalled that she was once substituting for another teacher when one of her pupils called her teacher. At first, she did not know how to take this as she did not feel that she was at the level of a Bharatanatyam teacher; however, she was instilled with a sense of pride. It was at that point that she knew that this was something that she should pursue as her career.

In the near future, Priya’s goal is to take the Canadian teacher’s exam along with a number of Tamil exams. This would make her the first person to complete those exams in Montreal. This will compliment her long term goals on completing a PhD in Dance. She also wants to teach dance at a University level. This way, she will be both promoting and preserving Tamil Culture in Canada.

We have much more content in our full interview with Priya, so make sure you check it out! If you have any feedback on this interview, or any future professions you would like covered, be sure to let us know!
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