Upcoming Event: The Atlas Vision – 1st Annual Multicultural Show




Atlas Vision will be hosting its 1st Annual Multicultural Show on 09 April 2016 at CEGEP Vanier College Auditorium.

Come show us your will for change by attending the event and spreading awareness to your family and friends! The future of our communities is promising and we must take action to ensure its prosperity!


The Atlas Vision

Our Purpose & Plan originates behind the ambitions of young, dynamic individuals from the city. The AV was founded in 2015 with a desire to impose changes at the community level – uniting to help regardless of our language, religion, or nationality.

The AV Purpose

The AV is a non-profit organization and an awareness platform. Our organization is unique among Montréal, QC as we operate with other NPO’s, charities, and programs at the domestic level. The AV capitalizes on care efforts and social awareness in order to improve the quality of life in our community, maintain the welfare of our people, and empower all its members in the process. Change starts locally.

The AV Plan

To construct a sense of well-being throughout Montréal, QC. The AV treats all nationalities and religions equally in developing a better tomorrow. We believe that change can be established in our world one community at a time. The AV aims to help by supporting and funding local projects and programs to promote a better tomorrow for our children.



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