Upcoming Event: CUTAM’s Kollywood Blast – Benefit Dinner


Start off the year with your dearest of friends at CUTAM’s Kollywood Blast; a night with a delicious food, performances and games. The special night is intended as a fundraiser to help those back home without the essentials that are easily available to us here.

CUTAM is asking for your help in providing a water filtration system, to the rural school, “Thirugnanasampanthar Vidyalayam,” in the Vavniya district.
The standard Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) level of water must be less than 50ppm, but at Thirugnanasampanthar Vidyalayam, their TDS level has been recorded as 370ppm. The unsafe drinking water has resulted in a large amount of young students with kidney diseases.

Being part of a Student Association, we feel that it is our responsibility to bring together our community in order to help those in need.

We encourage all of you to wear Indo or western semi-formal attire, and to bring your own wine.

As for the food, you will have the option of a 3 course vegetarian menu or a 3 course non-vegetarian menu, which should be decided when purchasing your ticket.

Student Price : $25
Regular Price : $30

Contact info.cutam@gmail.com, one of the CUTAM executives or call CUTAM at +1 (514) 661-4022 to buy your tickets.



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