TGTE-Canada holds forum with Quebec Tamils on “Yes To Referendum”


The Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam (Canada) held a forum at the Tamil Catholic church in Montreal on  TGTE’s efforts in mobilizing the diaspora on the project of ‘Yes To Referendum’.  The meeting was mediated with Nimal Vinayagamoorthy, Minister for Finance and Chief Executive Secretary for Yes to Referendum Campaign along with Fr. Nixon. The forum gave an update of TGTE’s work since it’s establishment post 2009.  Quebec TGTE MP Nanthan Maharajah was also present during the forum. Visvanathan Rudrakumaran – Prime Minster of TGTE spoke via video conferencing from the United States of America on the importance of a holding a international mediated referendum in the Northern-Eastern provinces for Tamils demand for Nationhood.  

December 2nd, 2018



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