[Entertainment] Superstar Rajinikanth Tribute | Let’s Jalsa


A Rajinikanth fan rolls out of bed and scrolls through pictures of his potential bride… with style!

Being a huge Superstar Rajinikanth fan, Banujan wanted to share some of his absolute favorite songs through this tribute concept video in celebration of Rajini’s birthday!!! Hope you enjoy it.

This special project would not have been possible without the following people. 

Choreography and Direction: Jallaja Para (Let’s Jalsa)
Shot & Edited: Pearl Media Studio & BananaLeaf Company
Dancers: Banujan, Priyanka, Jananie, Kinthusha, Harinnya, Jallaja
MUAH: Belle et Muah
Styling: Culturelle Couture
Pearl Media Studios!
Bananaleaf Company!


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