Kamal Khera – Demands Accountability from the Sri Lankan Government


Ottawa, ON, February 6th, 2018 – Ms. Kamal Khera, Member of Parliament for Brampton West delivered a statement in the House of Commons in Ottawa, asking for accountability from the Sri-
Lankan Government for its treatment of the Tamil Minority population.

“ Mr. Speaker, as we mark the 70th anniversary of Sri Lanka’s independence, I rise to highlight the long and checkered history of the island. For so long, Tamils on this island faced an abysmal human rights situation. They were excluded from the nation-building process and rendered second-class citizens from its inception. The government mandated discrimination and denied employment, education, citizenship, and fundamental rights on the basis of being Tamil. The UN estimates that approximately 40,000 Tamil civilians were killed during the last months of the 26-year armed conflict. In addition, 18,000 to 20,000 men, women, and children went missing, and Tamil-owned land continues to be in the hands of the Sri Lankan military.
I stand with our Tamil Canadian community to call on the current government in Sri Lanka to honour its commitment to fully implement UN Resolution 30/1 and ensure a process of accountability that will have the trust and confidence of its victims…”- Ms. Kamal Khera, Member of Parliament (Brampton West).

About Ms. Kamal Khera – Ms. Kamal Khera is the Member of Parliament for Brampton West and the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of National Revenue. She is a registered nurse,
community volunteer and a political activist. Ms. Khera serves on the National Finance Committee as a non-voting member.


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