Here’s a New Tamil Spot in Montreal


When we think of Tamil restaurants we think of quick take-out where you order your mutton kothu, iddiyapam and those crunchy rolls. Nama Restaurant, the new Sri Lankan venture on St-Denis and Sherbrooke is far from what you’re used to.

Decorated with dim lights and a bright bar at the back of the restaurant, it’s obvious they’ve put a lot of attention to the details. If you look past the lengthy wait time, the dishes are certainly going to satisfy your taste buds. The devilled beef comes on a banana leaf and has a punch of flavour. With red onions and green chillies, you taste the familiar Sri Lankan flavours but you also get an extra hit of saucy spice. The Fish ‘O’ Fish (cutlet) is good but nothing extraordinary.

For the main course we had the lamb kothu roti, chicken breast curry and lemon rice. Having been used to buying kothu for under 10$, we were taken back by the 30$ price point of the lamb kothu on the menu. Once the dish arrives at your table, it starts to make sense. In the middle of your kothu— which already has a generous portion of lamb — is an entire lamb shank (see picture below). The meat of the lamb shank pairs perfectly with the freshly chopped roti.

Overall, I would recommend Nama. It’s a great place to introduce your friends or coworkers to Sri Lankan food in a humble and homely setting. We spoke to one of the owners and they should be getting their liquor license soon and will be launching a Sri Lankan inspired cocktail menu, so make sure to have a look out for that!

Nama – Bar & Kitchen Restaurant.
3439, rue St-Denis
(514) 461-0130

Anbarassi Ratnasamy \ @anratna


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