Leucan Shaved Head Challenge : THANUZI THEIVENDIRAN


Leucan Shaved Head Challenge : THANUZI THEIVENDIRAN

Thanuzi you definitely are a brave and courageous girl to have accepted this challenge and mostly for giving back to a great cause !
We hope others in the community will also follow suit and do their share !



I am proud to participate to the Leucan Shaved Head Challenge. Why? Because I care about sick children with cancer.
My participation to the event will help the families of Leucan by contributing to the funding of clinical research and of the services Leucan offers them.
It is also a gesture of support for children whose body image is altered when chemotherapy provokes hair loss.
Thank you for supporting me and making a difference for them too!

DONATE: http://www.tetesrasees.com/fr/event/galeries-d-anjou-21-septembre/thanuzi-theivendiran


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