[Upcoming Event] IYSMP: Synapse Connect

[Event Promo] The International Young Scientists Mentorship Program (IYSMP) : is hosting their 3rd annual CEGEP networking event – Synapse Connect on May 4th from 6-8pm at Notman House. Each year about 20 STEM (Science/tech/engineering/mathematics) professionals gather to network with 50 CEGEP students. It’s a great opportunity for students to learn more about STEM career pathways and also to make connections for their future. This year, IYSMP has a lot of prominent scientists coming in from McGill University, Desjardins Lab, District 3/NeuroTech X, Element AI and more!
For More Info: www.iysmp.org
To Register: https://bit.ly/2FsYK0Y

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